Earthbag domes


Location: Türkoğlu/Kahramanmaraş (Turkey)
Total Living space: 20m²
Year: 2023
Design: Poçolanaworks

This double earthbag dome was built in collaboration with Herkes Için Mimarlik and Poçolana Works in Türkoğlu, Southern Turkey.
This project is based on the superadobe technique: polypropylene bags are filled with damp soil and tamped while barbed wire is installed between each course for tensile resistance. The process is repeated with a small offset inwards to gradually form a dome. This technique offers two main advantages: structures can be built with any soil available locally, and it is one of the easiest ways to form domes. The main disadvantage is that the building will entirely rely on exterior plasters to be waterproof since it has no roof.

volunteers involved

tons of earth

tons of gravel

meters of earthbags