Our current project is located in the countryside near the town of Saray which is roughly 130km west of Istanbul. 
This year we will complete two buildings with finishing work. There will be some earthen floors done in april, then fine earthen plasters till late may. Volunteers will learn to prepare mixes, apply and smoothen plasters. 

Two showers and dry toilets are available, but volunteers have to camp. We may be able to provide tents if needed. Other buildings on land include a kitchen, a greenhouse and storage buildings.

We provide three meals a day prepared by a cook, all fresh and local products.

At least basic experience in building is required. Please only apply if you have some past experience and a strong interest in craftsmanship.


Please fill in this form to apply.
We will get back to you if your application if accepted and provide further information.

Please tell us why you would like to join us, what your goals and hopes are.
Let us know if you have a specific diet, health issues or requirments.