Slipstraw House

Sihirli Tohumlar

Location: Sihirli Tohumlar – Saray/TekİRdaĞ (Turkey)
Living space: 125m²
Year: 2018-2019
Design: Matthieu Pedergnana / atelier-métis

Started in 2018, this building is our largest so far: a three rooms 125 m2 wooden house with slipstraw wall infill and perlite/cellulose floor/roof insulation.
The structure sits on 110 threaded steel rods screwed two meters into the ground. 30cm thick panels made of wood and OSB insulate both the floors and the ceilings. Large openings to the south insure maximum solar gain in winter. The U shape of the building provides a patio sheltered from the dominant winds. This house is fully solar powered.

m² footprint

months of work

volunteers involved

m3 of wood


m² plastered