Sihirli Tohumlar

Location: Sihirli Tohumlar – Saray/TekİRdaĞ (Turkey)
Living space: 80m²
Year: 2019-2020
Design: Matthieu Pedergnana / atelier-métis

This unique structure has a green reciprocal roof hanging over a semi-earthbag dome. It includes three rooms, a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, two storage rooms, a terrace and a 100m2 green roof.
The living room is the interior of an earthbag dome with an oculus revealing a skylight in the roof. Exterior walls are 20cm thick slipstraw walls. The roof is insulated with 20cm of hemp chips. The floor insulation is perlite in the rooms and lime+LECA (expanded clay). Exterior finishes are lime-based, interior ones are clay-based.

months of work

volunteers involved

m3 of wood

meters of earthbag


m² plastered