Location: Doğalı-IdaÇerkezköy/Tekirdağ (Turkey)
Living space: 30m²
Year: 2016-2017
Design: Matthieu Pedergnana / atelier-métis

The Tezekevleri project was designed and initiated by Matthieu Pedergnana in 2015 to demonstrate the possibilities of natural materials.
Its first building is a 30 m2 bathroom with four showers and four dry toilets. Foundations are made of tires and gravel bags. Exterior walls are plastered earthbags topped with cob bottle walls, and interior walls are filled with slipstraw. Its roof has the particularity of sloping inwards, directing the rain water to its center which is then stored in tanks. All showers are plastered with colorful tadelakt lime plasters.

months of work

volunteers involved

m3 of wood

bottles recycled