Strawbale, slipstraw, earthbag, cob, earthen plasters


Earthbag Dome

This small earthbag dome (2.25 m2 inside) serves as a food storage. It is the first earthbag dome completed in Turkey. It has a stone bedrock topped with 11 layers of “tube” earthbag, plastered with an earthen rough coat and finished with lime.
It was built in 10 days during a workshop in 2015.

Strawbale House

The wood-framed southern side of this house was insulated with strawbales and rough plastered during a workshop in 2014. A cob bench was also added as sitting space under a window. 

Shed renovation/extension

In 2013 a small stone barn was partly dismantled and turned into a cosy house with a strawbale extension to the north. As part of that summer’s workshop (organized by Matthieu Pedergnana, Ece Aslan and Obaruhu) multiple techniques were demonstrated for the exterior walls such as slipstraw, earthbag, reels of earth, cob or adobe masonry.